Bicycle Trailer Hitch 07.28.10

Connecting a trailer to your bicycle is easy if you are willing to spend the cash on a fancy off the shelf model. However when it comes to attaching a home brewed trailer there aren’t many off the shelf options. I did some research on bicycle trailer hitches and settled on the Trail-Gator “extra hitch” for $18 on amazon until I found out I had to wait 2 weeks for it come in.

My impatience drove me to a DIY solution that works like a charm.

All you’ll need:

• A small caster wheel from Home Depot

• 2 washers

• A welder (or a friend with a welder)

I chose to attach the caster to a bike seat, making it easier to swap the trailer with different bikes. After bending the galvanized pipe from the trailer to the back of the seat we welded 2 washers to the bottom of the seat to level out the caster wheel and act as support braces. The pin that held the wheel on the caster housing now holds the trailer post in place. All together it took about 20 minutes and cost about $3.

Caster wheel Bicycle hitch

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