Electrolux 2 10.17.06

So I finaly did something with the old Vacuum my Aunt gave me… I made a lamp out of it.
Now its a lamp

2 Responses to “Electrolux 2”

  1. terry mack

    I can’t tell you how much I love this–brilliant. I have this vacuum in my garage now. Am wondering if you can tell me how you did this–would love to do it myself. I love the design of the thing but, as a vacuum,it pretty much sucks–heh heh.

  2. ryan

    It was quite easy. You just have to take the internals out of it and cut a hole for the cord to fit though the vent in the middle of the vacuum. As for the lighting fixture I just used an old lamp fixture and wire I had laying around but Ikea or Home Depot would have them.

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