Atlanta | Interactive Wall 05.21.08

After a few months of work we finally did it!

What is “it” you ask: An Interactive Mural for the SCMX Music Festival. It was a huge success and a learning experience to say the least. We learned that the sun is brighter then any light bulb and people love to see themselves on 52 inch Hi Def LCD’s.

When there are no people present the bubbles float around waiting to be interacted with. When people stand in front of the screens their silhouettes appeared on the screen. By moving they were able to create streams of color, pop the bubbles, and catch the contents of the bubbles.

Interactive Instalation

Interactive Instalation

This is a photo of our friend Katie interacting with the piece in Atlanta.


The Video: Keep and eye on the bubbles that float around, watch the users silhouettes popping the bubbles and catching the contents. It’s just a sneak peak at some of the interaction. Next month in Colorado well be shooting a full documentation Video.