Holga Lens Hack 02.11.09

D300 Holga
D300 Holga
D300 Holga
So it seems that lomography is all the craze these days, with Urban Outfitters selling all sorts of plastic cameras and accessories. I think it’s awesome that lomogrpaphy is keeping film alive but they are robbing my wallet at the same time. So I started googling…

Digital Holga (nothing great)
Holga Hack (Some film Hacks),
then… BAM…. “HOLGA DSLR HACK” which returned this.

I followed almost all the instructions and overall I’m pleased with the results. I used a metal pipe instead of a film canister for the focal tube. It’s much more ridged, doesn’t leak any light, but is hard to focus. If I could find something that telescopes and leaks a minimal amount of light I would call it a success. Although, It doesn’t stand up to a real film camera it was fun to make and fun to play with.

3 Responses to “Holga Lens Hack”

  1. lostlab

    yo – this is awesome – I want to make one. you want to help me?

  2. ryan

    yeah do you have a holga we can rip apart?

  3. Penna

    I would LOVE for you to make me one for my Nikon DSLR…. would you do it? I’ll pay you!! I just don’t have the tools to do it, so that’s why I’m asking :)


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