CreateTech 2013 10.25.13

A nice bit about my talk at Createtech Brooklyn:

Making In The Margins:

The act of making comes from the merging of creativity and technology—it’s not about what is made, it’s about the act of making. Ryan Habbyshaw, Senior Design Lead at IDEO, shared that the key to foster creativity is to make something every day, work out in the open and share the work within the agency. Such sharing sparks conversations and leads to inspiration for future client work. Habbyshaw said that creativity is a reflex that needs to be conditioned. All you need is some time (and maybe some breakthrough technology) to do something cool and keep your brain engaged.

Passion Projects

Bring your passions to work. Everyone likes good ideas and likes making fun stuff. Passion projects should not be isolated to the innovation lab. An open-door policy allows everyone in the agency to participate. You never know where the next great idea will come from; giving all employees a chance to share their passion and have it actually made is very inclusive and powerful.