Wood & Aluminum Sculptures 02.22.21

Set of 3 – contact for purchase – SOLD

Loyal Supply Co 03.05.14

Kim and I are working on a project called Loyal Supply Co. Our dog Huckleberry has inspired us to make and sell well designed better quality products for dog owners. We are working hard make the products available in larger quantities but for now they are made to order. Please fell free to contact us with a custom request or visit us on Etsy and Instagram.  Loyalsupplyco.com is in the works. Here are some logos we played around with and some sample brand photos.

Brand Reseach

Photo credits: @ifitwag instagram and Getty images.

CreateTech 2013 10.25.13

A nice bit about my talk at Createtech Brooklyn:

Making In The Margins:

The act of making comes from the merging of creativity and technology—it’s not about what is made, it’s about the act of making. Ryan Habbyshaw, Senior Design Lead at IDEO, shared that the key to foster creativity is to make something every day, work out in the open and share the work within the agency. Such sharing sparks conversations and leads to inspiration for future client work. Habbyshaw said that creativity is a reflex that needs to be conditioned. All you need is some time (and maybe some breakthrough technology) to do something cool and keep your brain engaged.

Passion Projects

Bring your passions to work. Everyone likes good ideas and likes making fun stuff. Passion projects should not be isolated to the innovation lab. An open-door policy allows everyone in the agency to participate. You never know where the next great idea will come from; giving all employees a chance to share their passion and have it actually made is very inclusive and powerful.



And we’re printing 09.25.13

It’s been a month or so since we bought, refurbished, and adjusted the press. All the work paid off!  There is nothing better then letterpress printing.
After much trial and error with different materials we finally got a printable plate out of the laster cutter!
Here are some photos of our first successful run of coasters using an acrylic plate.

First Print Job

First Print Job

First Print Job

Sidecar Weekend 08.26.13

Greg and I Hooked up the American Spirit Eagle sidecar to my CB550 this weekend. The install took 4 hours and was worth every minute.

CB550 Sidecar
CB550 Sidecar

Tin Can Phone Hack 07.25.13

My girlfriend was given a few of these phone accessories to try out. I’m not to sure about the idea of a phone for your phone but hey… why not. I used it for about a week then took it apart to make something even better! A tin can phone for you phone!

1 – pinapple can
1 – 1/8th inch phone handset
(optional) Speaker/mic grill –  I laser cut mine from acrylic but if your tricky you could probably use the can lid and a drill
I also used a little weather stripping around the grill to make a tight fit.

All you have to do is drill a hole in the back of the can for the wire and reconnect the guts of the phone.
position the mic and speaker so they are facing the opening in can and cover with the grill.
Boom you have a tin can phone for you phone.


Tin Can Phone Hack

Tin Can Phone Hack

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Press Parts 07.23.13

The press is almost back together. We had to make a few parts to get it running.

Part 1: Spring stay – This steal square holds the roller springs in place.

Press Parts

Part 2. Feed board – Sadly the original feed board was too far gone so we cut a new one out of an old desk.

Press Parts

Now we’re just waiting on new rollers and trucks from NA Graphics in Colorado.


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Printing Press Restoration 07.15.13

Kim and I finally decided on a press! We found an early model C&P Gorden at the Museum of Printing in North Andover Ma. We picked it up on Saturday and had it in at least 50 pieces by sunday afternoon. By the end of the day we had it primed and ready for a fresh coat of black.

C&P Restoration

C&P Restoration

C&P Restoration

However, the tool had two limitations, it worked with only bootloader version 5
Now & Then 06.17.13

Now and then I find some time to work on my motorcycle. It’s coming along one part at a time.

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