I designed some letters 04.03.13

A few weeks ago I attended a class at MIT called Crafting Type and this is what I made. Over the weekend we went from hand sketches to a working .otf font. I was not able to finish all 26 characters but I did manage to make “hello”.





It also checks the version of bootloader on your iphone 3g and tells you if you can downgrade the baseband
Brand New IDEO 03.27.13

Yesterday was the Brand New IDEO make-a-thon. My submission was a wood block solution 49 squares of popler laid on their sides. In the final version the long grain formed the letters and the edge grain formed the squares. Looking forward to see where Michael and the rest of the Brand New IDEO team take things.


Core77 has the full coverage.

making of BNIDEO

My Brand New IDEO

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Small Batch Key Holsters 02.25.13

Small Batch Key Holsters
Small Batch Key HolstersSmall Batch Key Holsters


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Brown Bag Prototype 12.25.12


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Wallet – Prototype 12.10.12

Pouch - Proto
Pouch - Proto

Folks at modmyi who first reported about the tool explain how it works 1
Card Holder – Prototype

card holder - Proto
Card holder - Proto

If you are the adventurous types and have gone ahead and given this phone tracker a shot then please let us know how it goes
Camera Strap 10.04.12

Camera Strap

Camera Strap

Camera Strap

Whipped up this camera strap today. I’d like to find some nicer thread. The waxed stuff looks a little too “Summer Camp”.
Thanks Steele Canvas in Chelsea MA. for the scrap leather.

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Hand Embossing Seal 08.01.12

Hand Embossing Seal
Hand Embossing Seal
Hand Embossing Seal

Wohooo! I got my embossing press from amazon a few days ago. I immediately removed the lame seal they sent and cut my own from 1/8in acrylic. I had high hopes for the press but sadly it wasn’t strong enough to make a good impression with the acrylic dies. So I used the harbor freight arbor press and the little insert that came with the embossing press. I’m going to keep experimenting. Not bad for a first shot.

Update w1kedz, developer of 3g fuzzyband downgrader has just commented to let us know that you can downgrade from any baseband to 02
Maple Sections 05.14.12


Sad but necessary,

The base of the Norway Maple tree in my back yard was suffering from irreversible rot damage. Due to the unsafe conditions, we were forced to cut it down. However, a small section will live on.  When stacked these 6 sections create a small pieces of the Norway Maple. I hope to make a few sets to share with friends and allow the tree to grow beyond my yard.

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Toe Straps 03.12.12

Quick Make session today.
My toe straps broke so I made some new ones.

Tool released to downgrade baseband from 02