Bagels & Fancy Coffee 05.09.08

Alright, reality check BOSTON!
Your bagels SUCK! (Especially Dunkin’ Dounut Bagels)

However… There’s one place thats holdin’ it down with some tasty rings of dough, Bagel Rising in Allston. GET THERE! I know, I know “ALLSTON! oooh, that’s far away and kinda ghetto” Well… your in luck, there is an alternative for those of you who don’t leave the Back Bay. Espresso Royal on Newbury Street makes the treacherous journey to Allston daily and picks up a ton of bagels for your lazy ass. So now you have no excuses for eating bad bagels.

Oh yeah… they have some crazy coffee too.

Bagel Rising
1243 Comm Ave.
Allston, Ma

Espresso Royal
286 Newbury St.
Boston, Ma

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