DIY Bike Trailer 07.28.10

It’s amazing what people will do for a BBQ.

Living in a city can make enjoying a hamburger with your feet in the grass harder than it should be. First of all, the only grass I can put my feet in-without upsetting a home owner-is the park 4 blocks down the street. It  would be a wonderful place if only I could cook a hamburger there. For some reason the city of Brookline, MA doesn’t want me “eating good in their neighborhood”. I will say, I wouldn’t mind going a little further to enjoy some chard meat in a public place but public grills are very few and far between these days. I say that now, but even if I knew of a grill 2 miles away I would still have to cart a case of raw meat and condiments down there in order to have a decent meal.

So here’s our solution; the G-Rilla Bike Trailer. Kim and I built it to solve the city BBQing problem. Much thanks to for their excellent cheap trailer solution. We made a few size modifications, hitch improvements, and beefed up the wood from 1×2 to 2×3 to hold the size and weight of the grill and cooler. You can find our hitch solution here. I highly recommend this build, it has come in handy on many occasions.

The Build
The Trailer

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